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Sport and movement takes in our daily lives is becoming increasingly important. Most of us want to, after all, not only lean and fit look, but do primarily something for their health and physical condition. This is all the more important, especially as more and more people pursue their professional activities mainly in a sitting position. Painful muscle spasms, back pain and obesity are the unsightly consequences. To prevent this, regular exercise is essential. Whichever sport you choose, almost matter – is anything goes and fun. A new fitness machine will now help to improve personal fitness. In fact, there is scientific evidence that such a tracker means that the own activity is significantly improved and to move around more. To motivate a device that is ideal to and increase the fitness level.

What kinds of Activity Trackers are currently available commercially?

Since there are now countless different models of activity tracker on the market, it is difficult to keep track and to choose the person best model. Withings Pulse and the Fitbit Tracker are the two best-known models, but also the Tracker of Nike + Fuel band and Jawbone up are not to be despised.

Probably the best known is the so-called Fitbit Tracker. Fitbit “One” and Fitbit “zip”, the two wireless tracker that will help to better fitness. The Activity Tracker “The One” can be purchased at a price of 99.95 euros each in good specialist shops. The main task of the tracker it is, every day to count the steps while recording the while calories consumed. Also the difference in height, the instrument displays reliable. In addition, you can tell the device what you have taken daily for food to be (thanks to the app is this well possible on the go) and create his own individual nutrition plan. But that’s nowhere near enough: The Fitbit Tracker is also active at night and monitored the sleep of the wearer. The next morning you start with this then a good mood for the day. The silent vibrating alert ensures that the partner or the partner will not be disturbed by the Fitbit Tracker.

Unlike a conventional pedometer data of Fitbit Trackers course based on the respective data of the user and are very individual. The personal profile can be divided well analyzed on a computer or with friends around the world. Not only by the training condition can be well controlled, and his sleep cycle can be improved using the Fitbit Trackers. After all, the Tracker does not recognize just how long you have been sleeping, but how many times you woke up in a night.