Withings Pulse O2 Activity, Sleep, and Heart Rate + SPO2 Tracker for iOS and Android, Black

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Brand Withings
EAN(s) 0370054670031


The Withings Pulse O2 is an advanced activity and health tracker. Versatile, it offers all wearing options: slap it on your wrist using the wristband, attach it to your clothes with the clip or simply drop it in a pocket. It tracks your activity all through the day (including steps, elevation, distance, running and calories burned). At night, slide the Pulse O2 in its wristband and launch the sleep cycle analysis to precisely assess your sleep quality. In addition to the daily and nightly tracking, you can also measure your heart rate and your blood oxygen level by putting your finger on the back of the device. If the screen of your Withings Pulse does not display anything after pressing the top button, this is certainly because your Pulse needs to be charged. After charging the Pulse, press & hold the button for 15 seconds and check if the Pulse displays “hello”. If not, your micro-USB cable may be the cause of this issue, please try to charge your Pulse using another cable, for instance the one provided with your Smartphone. If you are having a problem syncing your Pulse O2, there are a few steps to take. First, make sure that your mobile device has Bluetooth switched on, and that your are logged in to the newest iteration of the Health Mate app. Next, make sure that your Pulse O2 is fully charged. You can do this by plugging it in for two hours to ensure a full charge. Next, make sure your Pulse O2 is up to date with the latest firmware. You can check this in the Withings Health Mate app by going to My Devices, selecting your Pulse O2, then pressing the blue Update button at the bottom. Follow the steps on the screen to check if an update is available. Kindly check the video for trouble shooting steps.It usually takes 1-2 hours to charge an empty battery. When turning on the device after charging, please press and hold the button for 15 seconds.If the device still won't turn on after charging, there may be an issue with the micro-USB cable try charging it with another cable.